Thursday, July 14, 2016

Database Trial: Media Korean Studies

The trial for Media Korean Studies is now available on the Databases Trial page through August 31.

This trial includes four collections: 

1.  韓國歷代文集叢書 Collection of Korean Anthologies: 3,000 vol. ebooks by 3,500 authors from 7th century to 1945. Language in Chinese ; 
2. 韓國地理風俗誌 Collection of Korean Geography, Customs and History: 400 vols. ebooks include geographic, customary, cultural and historic writings from 1897 to 1945 (Japanese ruling era). Language in Japanese.
3. 韓譯高麗史 Korean Translation of Koryosa: 28 vols. ebooks of Koryo history from 918-1392, translated into Korean with annotations from Chinese. 
4. 韓日關係史叢書 Historical Resources for Relations between Korea and Japan: 19,320 articles in 32 vols. cover a period from 427-1883 on East Asian international relations. Contents include Koryosa, history of the Three Kingdoms, record of the Joseon Dynasty. Language in Chinese and Japanese translated into Korean with annotations.
Media Korean Studies DB 

Trial expires: August 31, 2016
Feedback: Vickie Doll,

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