Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Database Trial: NK News

This is a reminder of the trial access to two versions of NK News (North Korea News).

Trade figures between two Koreas drop by over 99 percent
KITA figures from March show the impact of Kaesong closure on inter-Korean trade:

How Russia-North Korea relations have recently surprised observers
Russian observers note uptick in visits between two countries, preferential business deals by Chad O'Carroll: 

Vets for no pets? What N. Koreans do with sick animals, by Je Son Lee
Shortage of doctors – of all sorts – means different approach must be taken to treating animals:

All trial databases can be accessed at:

·     Trial expires: June 30, 2016
·     Feedback: Vickie Doll,
NK PRO ( includes news analysis, research tools, statistical data sets, etc.)
·     Trial expires: June 30, 2016
·     Feedback: Vickie Doll,
Read more about NK News at

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