Monday, January 6, 2014

The Enlarged Yŏnhaengnok Collection (燕行錄叢刊增補版) database trial

The Enlarged Yŏnhaengnok Collection (燕行錄叢刊增補版) database is available for trial from November 1 through December 22, 2013.

The Yŏnhaengnok Collection 燕行錄叢刊 is a collection of traveloguesrecorded by Korean envoys who traveled to China during the Koryŏ and Chosŏn dynasties from the 12th century to the 19th century.  This collection is a milestone which documenting diplomatic relations between Korea and China as well as being an extensive record and coverage of cultural interactions, politics, economics, society, and scholarship. The enlarged edition includes more works such as the Shenyang diaries(瀋陽日記類), the  Illustration of Sea travel to Beijing (水路燕行圖), and many more which were not included in the earlier edition. The Enlarged Yŏnhaengnok Collection online 燕行錄叢刊增補版 allows users to browse the travel records by time period, king, and author.  It is multi-languages searchable full-text including classical Korean and Chinese.

To access the trial database, please go to the KRpia database at and do a title search by 燕行錄叢刊增補版 or Enlarged Yŏnhaengnok Collection.  Users can also access the database via the KU Libraries database trail page at

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